46 Full HD Cool Car Wallpapers That Look Amazing (Free Download)

Gone are the days when we all were accustomed to seeing that good old Windows XP wallpaper, that social media claims to be the most viewed picture of all time.

Wallpapers are the first thing we notice when we turn on our devices. Be it desktop, mobile or tablet. If used correctly that empty canvas can be put to a good use. A right wallpaper can set the mood right for the day to come. That’s the reason we have a variety of wallpapers around fitting everyone’s need.

Some people like motivational wallpapers, nature’s wallpapers, cat or dog wallpapers and then there are some car enthusiasts like me who need some cool sports car wallpapers to begin their day as wallpapers are the first thing someone notices when they are working on a desktop or a laptop.

Our Criteria to pick the best car wallpapers:
Minimal wallpapers with a focus on cars with nature around them and ease of finding icons when you set them as wallpapers. To help you find the right wallpaper, we’ve categorized them based on car’s type.

Click on the images directly, you’ll be redirected to the website where you can download these beautiful wallpapers in any resolution you like.

Here goes the list of cool car wallpapers to spice up your desktop or laptop

1. Sports Car Wallpapers

lamborghini centanario wallpaper

lamborghini huracan white wallpaper

red mercedes amg gt 4 wallpaper

black and red audi rs 5 coupe wallpaper

blue and black bugatti chiron wallpaper

2 bugatti veyron parked wallpaper

black and orange koenigsegg agera rs wallpaper

black nissan gtr wallpaper

grey nissan gtr wallpaper

2. Muscle Car Wallpapers

dodge challenger cool car wallpapers

ford mustang gt sports cool car wallpapers

dodge challenger srt8 burout wallpaper

chevrolet camaro snow wallpaper

orange ford mustang v8 wallpaper

3. Luxury Car Wallpapers

spofec rolls royce wraith jungle wallpaper

gold rolls royce wraith wallpaper sunset

KKR in tunnel car wallpaper

white rolls royce dawn wallpaper

rolls royce ghost wallpaper

red mercedes amg car wallpaper

white mercedes benz c class wallpaper

blue bmw alpina cool car wallpapers

bmw x1 wallpaper

4. Concept Car Wallpapers

lada raven cool sports car concept wallpaper

lada raven sports car concept wallpaper side view

tamo racemo geneva concept car wallpaper

italidesign zerouno concept car orange

tamo racemo concept car wallpaper

italidesign huracan white concept wallpaper

ugur sahin design concept car wallpaper

5. Vintage or Classic Car Wallpapers

Mustang old muscle car wallpaper

red chevrolet impala beach wallpaper

blue camaro old wallpaper

classic chevrolet orange wallpaper

Red Vintage Chevy wallpaper

ford thunderbird orange wallpaper

yellow volkswagen beetle classic front view wallpaper

yellow volkswagen beetle classic car wallpapers

shelby cobra vintage car wallpapers

black chevrolet roadster wallpaper

black chevrolet camaro wallpaper 2


Made it till here? Great! We saved some more awesome car wallpapers for loyal readers!

bmw i8 futurism edition cool car wallpapers

bmw i8 futurism edition wallpaper 2

burnout smoke car wallpaper

blue and grey bmw i8 wallpaper

red lexus lc500 artwork wallpaper

So that’s it.

That was our list of some cool car wallpapers handpicked for you. What kind of cars do you like? Which one was your favorite from the list? or do you want us to add something more to the above list?

Do let us know in the comments. 🙂


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  3. Thank you for the great collection of amazing automotive wallpapers. The only thing I would add is some Classic Corvettes ie, C1 & C2, Muscel Corvettes, ie Restomods & Supercar Corvettes, ZR1 & C8’s

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